It’s a great place for them to learn how to play doubles against other kids their age in fun and safe location. Our goal of growing the game of doubles needs to start with the juniors and we feel that we offer them a great opportunity with so many different age groups that are appropriate for them to play against players with similar skill levels.

With the addition of Women’s NCAA Sand Volleyball as new sport in college there is more opportunities for girls to earn scholarships to play in college.   We feel that starting to play doubles at an early age will only help them become better volleyball players overall both indoors and outdoors.  The game of doubles makes players work on their overall skills of the game and not just specialize in one part of the game.  It develops them into more well-rounded players that all coaches would be happy to have on their teams.  It can be difficult and very challenge for an indoor player to adjust to all the variable conditions of outdoor doubles like the sun, wind and covering the entire court with only 2 players.  But learning the game of doubles and becoming good at it will only make you a stronger player overall!  So enjoy the game that you can play for a lifetime!

August 2nd, 3rd, and 4th 2019